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Gainesville, Florida, home of the Gators, is also the home of what was an absolutely wondrous public radio station, WUFT-FM.  Wikipedia writes that the station "is known for its eclectic mix of music programming, from Classical and Jazz to Folk, World Music and Blues."  For those of who know and love what it was, this only begins to explain its charm.

Sadly, though, this unique resource has been swept away.  What we had is too good to lose. We want it back!

During pledge drives, people speaking in the name of the station often repeat that it is the voice of the membership which determines the programming the station carries. It is our radio station, they claim. It turn out that this is a lie! The management of the station has taken upon itself to change the station's format without considering the views of the listeners.

Though our campaign has not made an impression on the obstinate station's management, most especially Dean Wright of the College of Journalism and Communications, we see that these managers continue to thwart the will of the people. They brought in Randy Wright to be the director of the new Division of Multimedia properties. He seems to make it his project to have the public stations WUFT-FM and WUFT-TV sound like commercial stations. His voice on the radio, in the many announcements he makes, sounds like it belongs on a Top-40 station.

This same Randy Wright had the ill grace to direct a personal attack against Cathy DeWitt, a volunteer whom he fired from the station. She has given the station and the community many years of service; when she was absent from her program, she was making music in the community. It is the connection with the heart of the community that that these two Wrights fail so signally to understand.

Now we read that they want to change the format of the commercial station WRUF-FM, eliciting yet another outcry from alienated listeners. The management of these "multimedia properties" seems bent on not heeding the opinions of the people the stations serve. We, the people, should in turn turn our backs on these mismanagers and not support the stations they have taken away from us.

Last year we had an UNPledge drive!
See the ad we ran in Gainesville Sun on October 12, 2009.
See also the story in the Sun about the drop in pledges.
There seems to be rather little enthusiasm for this new all-talk format.

There are many ideas floating around about what to do about this situation; it is not clear what path we should take as a community. We might disagree on the course of action to take, but it is clear we agree about one basic thing: the change in WUFT's format is a Very Bad Idea. It seems that the people who decided on this change really don't understand how it affects us.

Now we have an online petition through which you can make your opinions known to those who should have known better. There is a place on the petition form to leave your comments—we encourage you to do so.

Read more about what's going on.

See the comments people have written in the petition so far. (With names removed.)

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